The Good Neighbour Tour

In 2016 and 2017 we completed our Good Neighbour Tour.  We were inspired to ride across North America meeting as many of our fellow human beings as we could.  We weren’t in a hurry and wow, did we meet lots of folks!  In this day and age, it was a way to re-affirm our faith in humanity.  And, it worked.

The motivational vision for this tour came from a good friend Murray Boal who sadly passed away in 2015 – far too soon.  Murray was a gifted singer-songwriter and along with another good friend Bob Campbell, he recorded a song called “Good Neighbours”. The song embodies neighbourly love and the comfortable simplicity of having someone nearby to share life’s ups and downs.   Please have a look at a slide show of our friend and listen to his song:

Murray Boal – Good Neighbours

The tour officially started in July 2016 on the northern island of Haida Gwaii off BC’s northwest coast.  Following ceremony, we started “in” the Pacific and headed east.  We had the good fortune to stay with many Warmshowers hosts along the way and made many, many new friends.  We will be eternally grateful for the friendship and hospitality we enjoyed along the way.  Thanks Good Neighbours! 

A (17)
We dip the bikes in the Pacific

After rolling through the Rockies we turned east at Saskatchewan Crossing on our way toA (68) Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.  That’s where things changed… We received word that my Mother, Molly had taken ill and that we we should come… quickly.  With help from friends, we stopped the tour and made our way back to her bedside.  We were with her as she passed away.

Mum insisted we continue the tour the next summer and we did so in her memory.  In early May 2017, we got a ride to the exact place we stopped the tour and started riding. We crossed the prairies and entered the USA in North Dakota.  From there we followed a route through Minnesota, Wisconsin and Upper Michigan entering back into Canada at Sault Ste. Marie.  Riding through all the remaining provinces, we ended up in St, John’s Newfoundland in late September.  What a ride!

And here’s the dip in the Atlantic.  Qudi Vidi Harbour, St. John’s Newfoundland!  One pedal at a time.

E (70)