Nicaragua Bound

Fifteen years ago, Heather and I celebrated her 50th birthday on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua.  Like all her birthdays, it was a distinctly special day because we ended the

Birthday girl
Happy Birthday honey!

day ringing in the New Year.  The people we made friends with on the island went out of their way to make it a special one.  One present was a bottle of Flora de Cana rum wrapped in banana leaves!

THIS year, Heather and I will be in Nicaragua to again, celebrate her birthday.

We have such strong memories of our time working at Casa Iguana on the little island.  At that time, Casa was a real going concern.  Our jobs were maintenance of the buildings, laundry, gardening, cooking dinners and hosting them at the lodge.  An excerpt from a letter written home:

“A lot of people come for dinner now as the word is out.  This place now has two expert cooks from Canada.  Us!  It’s true, we are now known island wide as the best cooks.  It takes a lot of creativity, as the usual fare is fish, fish and more fish.  Last night we made barracuda fajitas with freshly made tortillas.  They were a real hit.”

We know the island has changed a lot in 15 years, but we’re confident the ‘vibe’ is still there and the Nicaraguan people are still as warm as they were then.  We’ll be there in March… can’t wait!

Here’s a collage of photos from that amazing time in our lives!  Within these pics, you’ll see our daughter Megan who joined us at the end of her own long trekking tour, people we worked with, their kids, people we took our diving certification with, dinners we whipped up in the lodge and some of the incredible natural beauty of this place on earth.

One thought on “Nicaragua Bound

  1. Nikkihark December 17, 2017 / 9:09 am

    Amazing! Seems like a real gem 💖


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