The Plan

We leave our home in Quesnel on Dec. 29th.  Our son Dustin, his wife Karla and our grandson Liam live next to us and will be watching our house while we’re away.  Thanks guys!  Our layovers in Vancouver and Mexico City are comfortably short and with the fabled “Premium Economy” on the Aeromexico flight to Managua, we’re sure we’ll get a little shut-eye.  Once on the ground, we have a ride to Granada already set up.

We’ll be spending a month in Granada for a couple of reasons – dental work and Spanish language school.  We’re pretty excited about both.  The three weeks of school are an immersion program that has us staying with a family in Granada– so cool!

“All Nicaraguans are united by their laid-back style, great sense of humor and an openness that manifests itself in their love of socializing.”  Lonely Planet – Nicaragua

We couldn’t agree more.

In February, we’ll start the tour of Nicaragua we didn’t get to last time.  From Granada we will travel to many places in the country…

The volcanic island of Ometepe – Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash
San Juan del Sur the surf capital – Photo by Paul Biondi on Unsplash
Leon department
Politically historical city of Leon.  Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash
Lovely Las Penitas beach on the northwestern coast – Photo Jacob Klinger – Wikimedia Commons
Mountains near San Rafael del Norte and Matagalpa – coffee!
Brig Bay – Big Corn Island


Beauty of Little Corn Island