Tomorrow is the big day

“So, do you have your passport copies?”  “Yes… pretty sure I do.”  “Alright, so where would they be?”  “Hmmm… good question… oh, I know…”

This scene has been part of the riveting game we’ve been playing in the past few days.  For our Grandson Liam, it might be LEGO WORLDS.  For us, it’s WE’RE GETTING PACKED AND GOING BACK TO NICARAGUA!

Not like packing for a bike trip!

And, tomorrow is the big day.  After the final step of winterizing our little house, our son Dustin is going to drive us up to the Prince George airport for the start of our next adventure.

Saying goodbye to the Cariboo winter…
And the cozy little house…

We leave PG in the evening and end up in Managua around noon the next day.  Our Airbnb host is picking us up at Augusto C. Sandino airport and giving us a ride to Granada.

Augusto C. Sandino, also known as Augusto Nicolás Calderón Sandino, was a Nicaraguan revolutionary and leader of a rebellion between 1927 and 1933 against the U.S. military occupation of Nicaragua. He was referred to as a “bandit” by the United States government; his exploits made him a hero throughout much of Latin America, where he became a symbol of resistance to United States’ domination. He drew units of the United States Marine Corps into an undeclared guerrilla war. The United States troops withdrew from the country in 1933 after overseeing the election and inauguration of President Juan Bautista Sacasa, who had returned from exile. The re-call of the Marines was largely due to the Great Depression. – Wikipedia

No bikes this trip – we’re taking a break to learn how to walk again.  Please sign up to follow us – you’ll get a notice from WordPress when we post.  There’s going to be LOTS of stories to tell along the way!

Next update?  From Granada Nicaragua…

In 1524, the city was renamed Granada, by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba, ostensibly the first European city in mainland America. Unlike other cities that claim the same distinction, the city of Granada was not only the settlement of the conquest, but also a city registered in official records of the Crown of Aragon, and the Kingdom of Castile in Spain. – Wikipedia

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