Settled in Granada

According to Diego our Airbnb host, the New Year’s celebrations continued until 4:00 AM on Calle La Calzada – the main party spot in Granada. Diego’s house is away from the hustle bustle but with earplugs in anyway and trying to catch up with the Aeromexico jet-lag, we slept well.

The next morning walking out into the streets it was wonderful to see the community already cleaning up from the huge party. For some, the festivities continued and we were greeted with a VERY happy ‘Buenos Dias!’ and ‘Feliz ano nuevo!’ from those folks. The family feeling was everywhere as January 1st is a special holiday here for everyone.

The next day was our first day of ‘business’. We needed to get some Cordobas – the Nica currency, and we also wanted to locate the Mansion de Chocolate (pronounced Choco-latte). It’s where our daily Spanish classes start next week.

But… the first order of the day was… the dentist. Dental Tourism is a well known and established business here. Standards are high and the dental community is well trained. One can expect to pay 50% of what the cost would be back home in Canada. Why not we thought? We booked with Dr. Erwin Esquivel Chavez a couple of months ago and now here we are – in Granada at his office!

Both Heather and I arranged for a cleaning and checkup. When we were done, that’s all it was. No extra work to do. The cleaning was very thorough and we went out smiling. Partly because it only cost $140 for the two of us. Thanks Erwin! We’d recommend this if you’re taking a trip to Nicaragua. And anyway, it’s nice to start the adventure with clean teeth.

We have to say right off the bat that the food… oh the food… is very very tasty. One night we had a steak dinner at the well-known El Zaguan restaurante and holy cow. Literally. We thought back to many memorable dinners we enjoyed over the years and we agreed, our meal here was one of the top ten restaurant dinners we’ve EVER had!

We’ve also linked up with an old friend of a friend who runs a Spanish language school in Granada. In preparation for a three-week homestay immersion program (at another school we had already booked) we’re getting together with Roger and his son for a few one to one ‘pre-school’ lessons starting tomorrow. We have travelled many times to Latin American countries and yes, we even worked there but we were never able to carry on a conversation without getting in trouble. That’s about to end! Ya no diremos que no hablamos español!

Oh, one other thing we did – we watched a kid’s baseball game. It was great! And were they ever good – super entertaining! Baseball is huge here.

The Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League (La Liga Nicaragüense de Beisbol) has four teams that compete against each other, the Indios del Bóer, the Tigres del Chinandega, the Leones de León, and the Orientales de Granada. – Wikipedia

So, after our first few days, we’re very comfortable. The people are super friendly and warm hearted. Due to the breeze off Lake Nicaragua, and the moderate temperatures, (30 C) the climate here is perfect. And, from where we’re staying, everything is a short walk away. What more could we wish for?

Here’s some pics from the last couple of days…

First breakfast - what a lovely setting.
First breakfast – what a lovely spot.

We had seen the funeral procession earlier…

The quaint entry to our apartment.

Quiet and cool sitting room below our apartment.

Erwin performing his magic.
Downtown Granada’s busy, busy market.
17th century Iglesia de Guadalupe
Mombacho volcano right next to Granada – last eruption? 1570.

Iglesia Catedral Immaculada. A bit of an icon…
Quiet back street behind our apartment…

2 thoughts on “Settled in Granada

  1. Nikkihark January 4, 2018 / 5:13 pm

    Lovely👌🏻 I was going to ask if you’d warmed up yet but with the 30deg temps you mentioned, I’m certain you have😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. quesnelbikers January 4, 2018 / 5:16 pm

    Oh ya, with the breeze it’s just wonderful. In fact this morning, we sat in the shade and the breeze made it almost cool! Yes, having a great time. Doing the first Espanol classes this morning. Very cool! Take care.


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