Goodbye Ometepe

Our time on Ometepe is almost gone… anyone who visits here will soon be absorbed by the friendly, down to earth approach of the people and the raw natural beauty of the island. It IS a very special place.

Peaceful Balgue

We had a great time at the Urraca Loca hostel. For us, it was such a pleasant place to relax and just observe the everyday lives of those around us. Workers digging enormous volcanic rocks from the earth, vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables, craftsmen working on buildings, mums and dads cycling the kids to school, farmers calling the pigs home, crews bringing in the cuadrado harvest, truckers hauling loads of bamboo, people raking their yards, bakers baking bread, ladies making tortillas in their shop, others minding their shops like farmacias and small corner variety tiendas, guys hanging around the car wash, kids walking home from school together and then… all those tourists like us – on their own adventure.

It was sad to say goodbye to Denis and Patricia, our hosts at Urraca Loca

Originally from Spain, they have progressively built up their impressive little hostel to the well run business we see today. Best wishes to them both as they continue to contribute to the local economy and the welfare of the local people.

Back to the Land

Our next stop on Ometepe was just down the road from Balgue. so close in fact that we walked the 2 kilometers with our backpacks (mochilas) – partly to prove it could be done!

Our destination was the El Zopilote hostel – part of a permaculture farm. We had great hopes for our stay here but it wasn’t to be. We had reserved a special little shack called the Armadillo Hut. When we arrived at the front desk, they had no record of the reservation and had no response when we showed them our confirmation number etc. We don’t want to go into great detail but… we left the next morning after a crappy night in alternate accommodation. The ONLY upside to our stay was the breathtaking view from the balcony of the building we stayed in. Worth the effort for sure…

Movin on…

We were at the bus stop on the main road at 7:00AM. We were back in familiar territory with the smiling, happy locals. The bus arrived, full. But not really… there is always room for more. With our bags stored in the back, we squeezed in and got very, very good at squeezing in – more and more. The only glitch came when someone at the back of the bus wanted to get off. But, it wasn’t really a glitch. It was a demonstration of people working together for a common goal… to get where they’re going. Doing a slow Gandy Dance, we all moved in unison to allow the person to slip through the human squeeze box. Even the lovely young man at the front entrance was part of the magic. Yes, he took your money, but he also helped everyone and anyone who needed assistance on and off the bus. And there were kids on the bus too. I saw one lady sitting in a seat hold children between her knees until they arrived at their destination.

Small change of plans…

We were originally headed for Altagracia but the bus stopped at the main change location for buses to Moyagalpa (where the ferries arrive). We thought, what the heck, let’s check out Moyagalpa… stay a couple of days and get to know the community a bit.

New Friends

We’re really looking forward to meeting two more very special people on Saturday. Debbie and Ron. They are expats now living in Nicaragua and they’ve been doing some very wonderful things with the local community. Check out their blog :
Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua

Back to the mainland today. Staying one night in San Jorge and then off to San Juan Del Sur on Sunday. The adventure continues!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Ometepe

  1. Nikkihark February 11, 2018 / 11:28 pm

    Gorgeous land…beautiful people💛 wonderful cultural experience!! We love spontaneous adventure as well but we’re finding it almost impossible these days as everyone has wifi and wants to make reservations months and months in advance😬
    Safe travels👏


    • quesnelbikers February 11, 2018 / 11:32 pm

      Yes, we’re counting our blessings every day. Having a ball!
      Understood about the booking in advance thing… but the adventures are still there, waiting for you regardless…
      Take care,

      Liked by 1 person

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