Hi, we’re Chris & Heather Hartridge – the Quesnel Bikers.  So… first off, the biker part is bi-cycle not motor-cycle.  We’ve been touring around north America for about twelve years now meeting tons of people and soaking up all the addictive side-effects of self-contained cycle touring.   DSC_0027Our rides have taken us from our hometown Quesnel, BC to down the Pacific coast to places like the southern tip of Baja Sur, Mexico and across the continent as far east as St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.  In between there have been lots of circle tours in the Pacific northwest from BC into Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah.

Oh, did I mention we’re retired?

Prior to getting hooked on this cycling thing, we traveled many times to Mexico enjoying the Yucatan Peninsula before the Mayan Riviera materialized.  Having an affinity for Latin-America we also found ourselves touring countries in Central America.

And… then there was Nicaragua.

The short story is… In 2002 one day in town we met a good friend Barb, who had just returned from a Caribbean holiday.  Barb said, “Hi guys!  Say, you two like that Caribbean thing, right?  Well, I’ve just returned from a stay on Little Corn Island off the east coast of Nicaragua.  You’d love it there!  Check out the website for Casa Iguana!”

As it turned out, we were “in-between” work commitments and we thought a short holiday might work.  We went to the website and it looked pretty cool.  Up in the top right corner of the site there was a little box that said, “Interested in working at Casa Iguana?  CLICK HERE.”  We clicked and it changed our lives.  We ended up moving to Little Corn Island for the winter where we cooked, did laundry, maintained the cabanas and basically, had the time of our lives.

While there, we wanted to tour the rest of Nicaragua but time didn’t allow and the final few weeks of our free time on Little Corn found us trapped there due to bad weather.  And really, that’s why we’re visiting Nicaragua this winter (without the bikes) – to see places on the mainland we missed the first time and to visit friends we have on Little Corn.